Plutonian Mass

Plutonian Mass

The wheel of the year has a rhythm to it.
Samhain is the dying time, when man through death becomes god.

In the black space until Yule, he travels the bardo, and selects a new destiny.
This is the land of the dead; earth into water water into fire fire into air.

A few minutes before midnight on 11 November 1995 (GMT), the binary planet Pluto/Charon will enter the zodiac constellation of Sagittarius. By the symbols: the Lord of the Underworld enters a philosophical, expansive phase.

Having identified that cyberspace has the same qualities as the bardo realm, its same imaginative terrors and the promise of paradise beyond imagining, we can project ourselves into the roles of players in a true tragedy. As was enacted at Elusius – the roles of gods as portrayed by men – the eternal lesson of eternal recurrence. A mystery school, using the net, the web, and cyberspace.

By the symbols: deep transformation, and also, I see.

CyberSamhain created a sublime form around which mysteries can accrete and crystallize. The Plutonian Mass opens the CyberSamhain to the continuous participation by dedicants all over the world. Where else will the temple of knowledge appear except where we put it?

By the symbols: the Aeon of Cyberspace.

IO EVOE and Blessed Be!
August 1995